I found a one word poem by the fireside.  It said hearth.  So I wrote it out in orange, all that a hearth contains.  Heat. Art. Eat. Hear. Earth. Heart.

A love letter from a stray moon by Jay Griffith

The Travelling Hearth are super-cook duo Christine Dixon and Miki Z.

For DIY 12 summer school Miki and Christine began an art-cooking project responding to the theme of displacement and the refugee status of artist Kurt Schwitters.  Using reclaimed materials from the site, in the style of his Merz structures, they built a temporary outdoor kitchen from recycled objects.  From this kitchen came all the simple but delicious food that fed the hungry bellies of the summer school residents.  Catering for up to 50 people at a time, the rocket stoves were fired up to produce fresh breads, cakes, puddings and stews throughout the week.  It became less about catering for the masses and more about bringing people and food together in a way that acknowledges all the various communal processes of sourcing, cooking, eating and washing up (!).  Thus The Travelling Hearth was born.

Miki and Christine will return to the summer school this year with a whole host of new ways to get residents making, eating and thinking about food.  Encouraging others to get involved in the workings of the kitchen, they will lead the daily catering task rota, feeding between 25 and 40 people lunch and dinner, with breakfast being a DIY together activity.  There may even be a clay oven…