Merz DIY 13 summer school

at Cylinders Estate, Elterwater, Cumbria

21st July – 4th August 2013


Merz DIY is a residential summer school for artists and an experimental space for interdisciplinary practices as part of a temporary creative community.

We welcome all cultural workers who would like to collaborative with others to develop a programme of workshops, events and discussions across two weeks in July-August.

This year our working title is Thinkers Builders Dwellers. Inspired by a presentation from DIY 12 guest speaker Tordis Berstrand, Merz Working Group have been discussing ideas and problems of dwelling. This has led on to considering the connections between thinking (and drawing), building (and making) and dwelling (being or staying) within art practice, land use and communal living.  We invite proposals for workshops, events and presentations that both engage with and challenge this working title.


To attend Merz DIY 13 summer school please apply using the form here.

Tell us (briefly) about yourself, your practice/interests and your workshop proposal.

The workshop could be a walk, performance, lecture, skill-share, discussion, reading group or something else entirely, but it should be led/initiated by you and engage everyone else.


The programme is art-orientated and interdisciplinary. You do not have to identify as an artist to apply.  We welcome proposals from writers, ecologists, growers, architects, musicians, makers, curators, researchers,  scything enthusiasts…

There are no age limitations or education expectations.


The summer school begins on 21st July and will finish on 4th August 2013.

Apply now.  There is no deadline, places are filled on a rolling basis.


The summer school is based at Cylinders Estate, home of Kurt Schwitters’ Merzbarn in Elterwater, Cumbria, deep in the English lake district.  Although incredibly picturesque, all residents must be prepared to role up their sleeves and pitch in as it is a working site, and we take our DIY ethos to heart.